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Our summer is going okay except all the fires here in California. The pups are doing very well. I think Effie has some allergies and she has been to the vet two times since early spring for Foxtails. The second time it was not a foxtail but a scab. LOL! the pads of her feet are very tender but she runs up and down the fence line to play with the dogs next door, Cody and Possum, our neighbors dogs.  Effie is quite the barker and I try to get her to stop and have to stay on top of it by being consistent in not letting her get away with it. It’s hard.  

Effie was completely potty trained and then one day out of the clear blue she had a minor accident in the living room.  Last week on Wednesday I went to get my aunt from her assisted living home and when I came home Effie had peed on the bathroom floor where I keep the pups when I am gone. Normally she  never pees in the house ever when I am gone.  For some reason while my aunt was here for an overnight stay she peed three times on the bathroom floor while we were out. I had let her out to potty each time before we left that day at each outing. We had many things going on it was my granddaughter Morgan’s birthday. 

At first I was not sure who was peeing on the floor Effie or Edie so I tested the dogs. I put Effie in grate (the suspected dog), the next day when I went to take my aunt back to her Assisted Living, there was no pee on the floor. So I was very happy it was not Edie my three year old Chihuahua doing the bad dead, she is such a good little Chihuahua.   

Now all this week while I have had to go out I have put Effie in her crate and will continue to keep her there again for a few months until she can hopefully be trusted again. Each time I was gone it was not long except for Morgan’s birthday party about 3 1/2 hours.    

Edie just turned 3 years old this past July, Effiie was 1 in April.

Here is a photo of Edie just a few weeks before her 3rd birthday.




I will have had Effie for one year this August 9. It’s hard to believe it’ been a year already. Despite her little recent set back in potty training she is a good dog and we are working to get her back on track, so far so good.

Here is photo of Effie I took a few days ago.




They both are so sweet and cute. I need to look for some Chihuahua blogs to blog with people who have them and Yorkies or Chorkies, Chihuahua and Yorkie mix.

Last photo today is a cute July Patriotic Photo of both Edie and Effie.

Last but not least I just got a new domain for my dogs I am working on called www.katsdogs.com

I have all kinds of plans for it, can’t wait to get it up and running. Today is the last day of July, where did it go? Have a happy August! ~Kat


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