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This past summer I’ve been pretty busy with different things like crafts, jewelry and suncatchers for my store and working on my family genealogy and learning to use a new SLR Sony Camera I got. I have mostly been taking photos of plants, flowers and such.

Edie had her 4th birthday in July and Effie is already 2. They are just amazing little dogs.

Here is a photo of us this year, I made a digital scrapbook page. It was a lot of fun. I do enjoy that too. I seem to enjoy so many things that are crafty.

May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009

My first Framed Layered Scrapbook Page made with digital papers and elements from scrapgirls.com and some graphics I used from Trina’s digiscrapkits.com/digiscraps/ I had a hard time fitting the photos in these frames.

Pretty cute and fun to make. I did this with a lot of old photos while working on my family Genealogy also. They turned out fantastic!
After I got the hang of it making digital scrapbook pages, I redid the one above and made this one. I used photoshop elements to make my pages. I love that program so much. It was hard at first, but it’s easy once you get the hang of it.

Edie and Effie March 2009

Edie and Effie March 2009

My Sweet Babies

My Sweet Babies

Now I would like to talk about personalities of the dogs. Edie is the older Chihuahua the one on the right of the photo. She is really mild mannered and very sweet, likes to lick you to death and is very excitable. She loves to ride in the car and go bye-bye and on trips. We take them on trips with us, so many hotels allow small dogs now. If she hears a potato chip bag she is right there in a flash. She is very healthy and never has accidents in the house. She can be very independent but can also be very needy at times. She loves toys, mostly stuffed toys that squeak.  She loves to squeak a toy for a long time. She will play fetch and loves to shake your hand if you say “Shake Edie” she will shake your hand by lifting up her tiny paw.

Effie our Chorkie, has become very aggressive in her second year of life. She is the half  Yorkshire Terrier and half Chihuahua. She does not like it when my husband tries to touch me when she is sitting near me. She does not like him to pet her when she is near me and will growl. We’ve been working with her about that, but constantly testing her and doing it anyway, so she will learn. If she is resting and gets moved or touched she will growl. At night she will growl at Edie if she feels Edie is coming into her space. They both sleep in grates because otherwise they would want on the bed with us all night and my husband won’t allow that. However despite those things she is really good mostly. She loves to play ball and her favorite is a red small ball. She will play this all day……. if you allow her. She wants to fetch it constantly and will carry this ball around the house dropping it in front of you so you can throw it to her. It’s so funny but can also be very annoying. I sometimes take it away from her for the rest of the day when I have had enough. Not when she has had enough, because that will never happen. She does not like to travel or go bye-bye, she does not like it when I get out the harness and leash, she will go hide under the bed. I will have to call her several times and then finally she will come. So I got smart and I keep all the pets things in a basket in the walk in closet and I bring her in there with Edie and then I close the door and get them ready. She will walk sideways and all kinds of funny things she will do when she has anything on her. She just hates it, no matter how often I do it. She is very healthy and super hyper. She will follow me all day long through the house, but I taught her to do that, because she has a accident problem once in awhile, so I like to keep my eye on her.

Overall these are both super good dogs and I totally love them to pieces. Both my husband and I enjoy their company. I am so glad we have them both.

In August my mom and I are going on a little trip up the coast into Oregon. We will be taking our Chihuahua’s with us. Mom has one Chihuahua named Missy. So mom and I will be going to visit the beautiful coast of Oregon bringing our dogs and it should be lots of fun. I’m looking forward to spending time with mom and taking this trip.

Until next time have  a very happy summer 2009. ~Kat


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